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Crop Progress Report May 22, 2018

Warm, dry conditions continued to prevail across much of the spring wheat growing region, allowed planting progress to catch up with the five-year averages in most states. In North Dakota, limited areas received good amounts of precipitation, but many areas received little to no precipitation over the last week. Spring wheat planting is now 78 percent complete, higher than the average of 71 percent, but still behind last year's pace of 86 percent. Planting progress is furthest behind in Montana at 66 percent, about 20 percentage points behind average. Overall U.S. progress is 79 percent complete, right near the five-year average of 80 percent.

Emergence remains behind, due to late planting and dry conditions. Emergence rates range from 27-63 percent in the major producing states - about 10-15 percentage points behind average. Overall, the U.S. crop is 37 percent emerged, compared to 52 percent on average. Dry conditions remain the main concern. The U.S. drought monitor shows that most of North Dakota is still in some sort of drought category and this continues to extend further east and into Minnesota. This week's forecast calls for higher than normal temperatures with some chances of precipitation mid to late week. The weather conditions should allow most of the remaining wheat to be planted in the next week. Producers would welcome precipitation to help along emergence and replenish soil moisture.

Planting of the durum crop made good progress over the last week with nearly two-thirds of the North Dakota crop in the ground, slightly ahead of the five-year average. Similar to spring wheat, emergence is a bit behind average at 17 percent, compared to 27 percent. Dry conditions are also the main concern in much of the durum region. In Montana, 60 percent of the durum has been planted compared to 71 percent on average. Emergence is at 22 percent, near the five-year average.

Percent Planted and Emerged by State
  5/20/2018 5/13/18 5/20/2017 5 Year Avg.
ND Spring - planted 78 52 86 71
ND Spring - emerged 30 8 52 41
ND Durum - planted 62 27 69 57
ND Durum - emerged 17 2 33 27
Minnesota - planted 85 59 98 80
Minnesota - emerged 40 11 69 54
Montana - planted 66 48 85 86
Montana - emerged 27 4 50 51
South Dakota - planted 94 79 99 94
South Dakota - emerged 63 28 93 73
U.S. - planted 79 58 88 80
U.S. - emerged 37 14 59 52

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