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Crop Progress Report May 23, 2017

A week of cooler temperatures, with scattered rainfall across the Hard Red Spring wheat region kept the overall weekly planting progress slower than the previous week, but completion is still ahead of average for most areas. As of May 21, 90 percent of the expected acres were planted, ahead of the five-year average of 84 percent, but still slightly behind the 2016 level of 94 percent. Planting is essentially completed in South Dakota and Minnesota with about 12 to 15 percent of the crop yet to be planted in Montana and North Dakota. These areas are in the northern parts of each state where planting was delayed due to wetter soil conditions in April and early May.

Emergence of the crop is pegged at 62 percent nationally, right near the 5-year average, but still gapping the 2016 level of 75 percent. Emergence ranges from 95 percent in South Dakota, to 75 percent in Minnesota to roughly 50 percent in both Montana and North Dakota. Reported conditions of the emerged crop are of good initial growth and stands, but a majority of the region would benefit from additional rainfall. Eastern parts of the region did pick up more notable rainfall this past week, but a wide swath in the central part of North Dakota, and the southwest part of the state are showing moderate drought conditions according to short-term drought maps. Condition ratings of the emerged crop will likely become available in the next weekly crop progress report.

Durum planting has reached the three-fourths completion mark in Montana, and is estimated to be 72 percent completed in North Dakota. In both states this is at or slightly ahead of the 5-year average, but remains behind the 2016 level. Emergence of the crop is pegged at 36 percent in North Dakota and 21 percent in Montana. This diverges from the planting pace in both states due to the fact that all of Montana's durum acres are across northern areas where planting began later, and North Dakota has a notable durum area in the southwest part of the state. Much of the durum region would benefit from additional rainfall with some areas becoming critically dry.

Percent Planted and Emerged by State
  5/21/17 5/14/17 5/21/16 5 Year Avg.
ND Spring - planted 88 72 93 75
ND Spring - emerged 56 31 72 51
ND Durum - planted 72 52 81 64
ND Durum - emerged 36 15 62 38
Minnesota - planted 99 93 98 83
Minnesota - emerged 75 36 88 62
Montana - planted 86 77 92 90
Montana - emerged 52 41 67 56
South Dakota - planted 99 99 99 95
South Dakota - emerged 95 83 91 76
U.S. - planted 90 78 94 84
U.S. - emerged 62 40 75 59

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