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Buyers and Processors
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Charts and Statistics

There are a variety of supply and demand factors that have impacts on the wheat industry and market prices. This section shares visual information on these in the form of charts and various statistical representations.

Wheat is marketed by the bushel in the U.S., but in nearly all other countries the metric system is used. The following are useful conversions:

  • 36.74 bushels = 1 metric ton
  • 1 pound = 0.4536 kilogram
  • 2204.6 pounts = 1 metric ton
  • 2.47 acres = 1 hectare
  • 1 bushel per acre = .06725 metric tons per acre
  • 14.87 bushels per acre = 1 metric ton per hectare


HRS Durum production consumption carryover
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ND Historical HRS Wheat Production
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ND Historical Durum Wheat Production
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ND Historical Wheat Production
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N.D. Wheat Statistics
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U.S. Hard Red Spring Wheat
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U.S. Durum Wheat
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U.S. Wheat
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World Wheat
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U.S. Prices
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