North Dakota Wheat Commision

If you are looking for "grains of truth" about the nutrional value of wheat foods look no farther. The Wheat Foods Council has developed a variety of information sheets regarding nutrition and health facts.


Grains of Truth - Folic Acid
Grains of Truth - Whole Grain and Enriched Grain Products
Grains of Truth - Fiber


The Truth About Gluten
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Wheat Improvement Myths and Facts
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Document prepared by the National Wheat Improvement Committee that addresses attacks on wheat's breeding and science improvements. Responses were developed with a scientific and historical perspective, utilizing references from peer-reviewed research and input from U.S. and international wheat scientists.

Gluten and the Diet
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Diverticular Disease Fact Sheet
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Folic Acid Consumption
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Folic Acid Pregnancy info
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Gluten Intolerance and Wheat Allergies
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Nutrition for the Athlete
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Resistant Starch
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Wheat Nutrition
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Whole Grains Made Easy
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Two-page, reproducible fact sheet focused on whole grains, daily ounce equivalents per the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, fiber and labeling. Appeared in the 2007 Journal of American Dietetics Association.

Folic Acid General Consumer
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