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Wheat Growers
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Wheat Link Radio Reports

To help keep wheat growers and other stakeholders informed activities undertaken to sustain and expand the use of North Dakota wheat, the Wheat Commission sponsors a series of radio reports aired in conjuction with farm and market reports on a number of North Dakota stations.

Download the MP3 files to hear for yourself.


Checkoff Investment - May 2012
File Size: 472.29 kb

NDWC Research - April 2012
File Size: 238.41 kb

Spring Wheat Planting Intentions - March 2012
File Size: 466.57 kb

Value of North Dakota Wheat Exports - March 2012
File Size: 235.55 kb

Wheat Link - Rich Horsley-Check-off Dollars Used for NDSU Research April 2011
File Size: 919.23 kb

Wheat Link - Vince Peterson-Japan Situation after Earthquake March 2011
File Size: 466.98 kb

Wheat Link - Wheat Quality March 2011
File Size: 463.31 kb

Wheat Link - Jim Peterson on Crop Outlook Oct. 2010
File Size: 470.66 kb

Wheat Link - North is Top Wheat State Oct. 2010
File Size: 238.41 kb

Wheat Link - Pasta Month Oct. 2010
File Size: 471.47 kb

Wheat Link - Erica Olson on Urban Wheat Field Sept. 2010
File Size: 468.21 kb

Wheat Link - Dave Franzen on Nitrogen Applications for Wheat May 2010
File Size: 468.37 kb

Wheat Link - Rebecca Bratter on US/Columbia FTA May 2010
File Size: 465.31 kb

Wheat Link - Goris van Lit on Italian Durum Demand April 2010
File Size: 467.55 kb

Wheat Link - Joel Ransom on Spring Wheat Varieties April 2010
File Size: 466.53 kb

Wheat Link - Erica Olson on Best of the Best Meetings Jan. 2010
File Size: 926.94 kb