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Wheat Growers
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Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Pasta company owned by 1,095 durum wheat farmers from North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana.

NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station

Conducts experiments and studies on agricultural products.

NDSU Department of Cereal Science

Conducts annual hard red spring and durum wheat quality surveys covering North Dakota as well as portions of Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota.

NDSU Extension Service

North Dakota's extension service.

North Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service

Collects data on North Dakota agriculture.

North Dakota Grain Dealers Association

Represent the interests of North Dakota's 430 country elevators.

North Dakota Grain Growers Association

Works to affect policy on state, federal and global levels that helps wheat and barley growers succeed in growing and adding value to their products.

Northern Crops Institute

A collaborative effort between commodity organizations, state legislatures and others in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota to support the promotion and market development of crops grown in this four-state region.

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Provides research, service and education pertaining to transportation issues.

US Durum Growers Association

Works to secure identity recognition for durum.