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The durum breeding program at NDSU is the largest public durum breeding program in the U.S. The leader of the program is Dr. Elias Elias with the assistance of technicians and graduate students. The ultimate goal of the program is to release improved durum cultivars that maximize the economic return to the producers with minimum input and provide excellent quality durum wheat to the pasta industry and the international export market. WestBred also has a durum breeding program for northern grown durum. Please use the links below for more information on the breeding programs and durum varieties.


NDSU Durum Breeding Progam

Provides information on the NDSU breeding program, goals of the program and released varieties .

Durum Varieties Released by NDSU

Detailed list of durum varieties released by the NDSU breeding program.

Annual Survey of Varieties Planted in North Dakota

Overviews the leading varieties planted in North Dakota for hard red spring, durum and hard red winter wheat each year.