North Dakota Wheat Commision

Farmers face a number of agronomic risks from weather to insects and disease. North Dakota State University and Extension provide a variety of resources to aid farmers in managing those risks. Below are a number of tools available to farmers.


US Drought Monitor Map

Resource for monitoring drought areas across the United States.

Small Grain Disease Forecasting

Provides resource for forecasting of potential diseases that affect crops throughout the growing season.

North Dakota Weed Control Guide

Provides information on available herbicides and what weeds they can be used on in small grains production.

North Dakota Fungicide Guide

Provides extensive information on fungicides available for North Dakota crops.

NDSU Weekly Crop & Pest Report

Weekly report during the growing season that updates producers on current disease and pest issues.

Insect Management

Provides information about damaging wheat insects, including management guide.


2018 ND Wheat Variety Survey
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