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U.S. and National Resources

Links to U.S. and National organizations.


Wheat Quality Council

Encourages the development and production of new wheat varieties that meet the functional and nutritional needs of food processors.

Wheat Foods Council

Works to increase domestic consumption of wheat foods by increasing awareness of grain foods as an essential component to a healthy diet.

USDA Grain Inspection -- Federal Grain Inspection Service

Certifies that grain produced in the U.S. meets the official U.S. Standards for Grain.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

Serves as a basic resource of information to the U.S. agriculture industry for foreign countries.

US Wheat Associates

U.S. Wheat Associates, the industry's export market development organization, supplies training and information to customers in over 100 countries, supporting the use of all U.S. wheat classes.

USW activities are a cooperative effort between wheat growers and the federal government. Federal programs, including the Foreign Market Development program and the Market Access Program, account for about 72% of USW revenues. Producer check-off funds forwarded to USW through the state wheat commissions, including regular state assessments and state-funded special projects, provide 28% of activity funding.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Deals with all services related to agriculture in the U.S.

North American Grain Export Association

Represents major grain exporting companies in the United States.

National Pasta Association

Trade association for the U.S. pasta industry.

National Association of Wheat Growers

Serves as a voice for wheat growers on Capitol Hill and within Congress on issues pertaining to farm programs, as well as environmental and food safety regulations.

National Agricultural Statistics Service

Conducts hundreds of surveys covering virtually every facet of U.S. agriculture.