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Policies and Issues

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Trade Policy and Issues

While the North Dakota Wheat Commission has historically had a policy of not entering into the debate on traditional farm bill issues, except to point out how such matters affect the marketing of wheat and wheat products, we do work aggressively in the area of state, national and international policies and regulations that affect the importation and exportation of wheat and take necessary action when such policies and regulations have an adverse effect on domestic and export markets.

In this regard, the Commission works with U.S. Wheat Associates, the National Association of Wheat Growers, and state grower and farm organizations to educate elected and appointed government officials about how trade policies and issues affect producers' ability to compete for domestic and export market share.

The issues the Commission deals with range from export credit programs to trade sanctions, from grain quality and transportation rates to regional and international trade agreements.

Domestic Policy

The North Dakota State Legislature allocated two mills of wheat check-off to domestic policy efforts through local grower organizations in 2005. The North Dakota Wheat Commission directs funds to the North Dakota Grain Growers Association and U.S. Durum Growers Association to aid their work in addressing domestic policy issues.

The North Dakota Grain Growers Association works to educate officials on farm policy issues impacting North Dakota farmers. Their efforts include lobbying for the farm bill, crop insurance and disaster aid, and working in partnership with other agencies on key issues such as transportation and chemical harmonization.

The U.S. Durum Growers Association works to make sure durum growers concerns are represented by decision makers locally and in Washington, D.C. Their lobbying efforts include disaster assistance and crop insurance, and the sometimes unique needs of the durum industry and durum production. USDGA was successful in setting authority for the Durum Quality Preservation Act, included in new farm bill.

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