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Weekly Wheat Update

Weekly Wheat Update

Every Wednesday during the growing season (generally April through September), the North Dakota Wheat Commission issues a weekly wheat report report to update buyers on growing conditions, yield potential, crop health, disease concerns, quality, etc.  The Commission utilizes the USDA NASS weekly crop progress reports and crop reports from producers, elevators, extension agents and agronomists to develop the report.

Weekly Wheat Update May 27, 2020

North Dakota producers finally caught a break last week with better weather conditions and drier fields and were able to make significant planting progress.  According to the May 26 USDA Crop Progress Report, spring wheat planting is now about 70% complete in the state, up from only 41% last week.  Planting is still behind last year’s pace and the five-year average, but significant progress was made in the last week.  Weather conditions look to remain mostly favorable for the next week.  Many producers in the western part of the state report that wheat planting is finished or nearly complete, while some producers in central portions of the state are just getting started.  In surrounding spring wheat states planting progress ranges from 86 to 97% complete.  On a national basis, 81% of the spring wheat has been planted, similar to last year’s pace, but slightly below the average of 90%.
About half of the U.S. planted crop has emerged, ahead of last year’s pace, but still a bit behind the average of 65%.  In North Dakota, about a third of the crop has emerged, compared to 59% on average.  The U.S. drought monitor shows a growing area of moderate drought in southwest North Dakota and much of the western part of the state is listed as being abnormally dry.  Timely precipitation will be needed to carry the crop through development and to reach good yield potential. 
Durum producers in the state also made good planting progress over the last week with 70% of the state’s durum crop in the ground, up from 47% last week and near last year’s pace.  Emergence is at 30%, slightly ahead of last year.  Both the planting pace and emergence remains behind the five-year average.  Much of the durum growing region could use some precipitation as topsoil moisture levels have been dropping.  In Montana, planting is also 70% complete, ahead of last year, but behind average.
Wheat Planted by State
5/24/20 Last Week Last Year 5 yr. Avg
ND Spring 70 41 77 88
ND Durum 70 47 68 80
Minnesota 86 70 84 94
Montana 92 75 79 87
South Dakota 97 91 76 94
U.S. planted 81 60 80 90
As of May 24, 2020        
Wheat Emerged by State 5/24/20 Last Week Last Year 5 yr. Avg
ND Spring 32 13 37 59
ND Durum 30 14 24 43
Minnesota 51 29 41 74
Montana 72 45 38 58
South Dakota 76 57 39 79
U.S. 51 30 41 65
As of May 24, 2020        

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