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Weekly Wheat Update

Weekly Wheat Update

Every Wednesday during the growing season (generally April through September), the North Dakota Wheat Commission issues a weekly wheat report report to update buyers on growing conditions, yield potential, crop health, disease concerns, quality, etc.  The Commission utilizes the USDA NASS weekly crop progress reports and crop reports from producers, elevators, extension agents and agronomists to develop the report.

Weekly Wheat Update September 23, 2020

This will be the last weekly wheat update until final crop quality data is available. 

The U.S. spring wheat harvest is estimated to be 96% complete according to the most recent USDA Crop Progress report.  Harvest completion rates range from 95 to 99% complete by state.  Harvest has continued with minimal issues, even in the last couple of weeks with some variable weather conditions.  At this time last year, at least 15% of the spring wheat hadn’t yet been harvested and a portion was never harvested due to challenging weather conditions.  Producers very much appreciated the improved harvest season this year.

At the NDSU Wheat Quality lab, just under 90% of the crop quality survey samples have been collected and analyzed.  While protein has trended slightly lower in recent weeks, but the average is still 14.5% - higher than last year.  Average test weight has remained fairly stable at 61.6 pounds per bushel (81.0 kg/hl).  Falling numbers remain high, averaging just over 390 seconds and damage is lower than last year at 0.6% with total defects at 1.2%.  The crop currently grades a No. 1 Northern Spring with average vitreous content of 64%, compared to the final of 52% last year.
Durum harvest in North Dakota is about 90% complete, well ahead of last year when only about two-thirds had been harvested.  Producers continue to report good harvest conditions with very few quality issues.  About 60% of the durum samples have been collected and analyzed for the Northern durum quality report.  Only about 12% of the samples from northwest North Dakota, the largest durum producing region, had been collected and thus not much of that crop is included in the quality data so far.  Average protein is steady with last week at 13.7% and test weights are good with an average of 61.9 pounds per bushel (80.6 kg/hl).  Thousand kernel weight is averaging 46.7 grams.  Falling numbers are high with the average at 426 seconds.  Vitreous kernel content of the crop so far is higher than last year at 89% and the crop currently grades a No. 1 Hard Amber Durum.  Similar to spring wheat, durum producers are pleased with the harvest season compared to a year ago.
Wheat Harvested by State
9/20/20 Last Week Last Year 5 yr. Avg
ND Spring 95 90 82 95
ND Durum 91 86 66 88
Minnesota 99 97 91 98
Montana 95 92 77 93
South Dakota 99 98 98 100
U.S. 96 92 84 96
As of September 20, 2020


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