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Weekly Wheat Update

Weekly Wheat Update

Every Tuesday during the growing season (generally April through September), the North Dakota Wheat Commission issues a weekly wheat report report to update buyers on growing conditions, yield potential, crop health, disease concerns, quality, etc.  The Commission utilizes the USDA NASS weekly crop progress reports and crop reports from producers, elevators, extension agents and agronomists to develop the report.

Weekly Wheat Update May 14, 2024

After some precipitation delays, producers are back in the field and have made good planting progress.  In North Dakota, nearly half of the spring wheat acreage has been planted, well ahead of last year’s pace of only 17% and the average of 34%.  Most of the state received beneficial precipitation with the exception of the southwest part of the state where growing season precipitation is below average. The forecast for the current week indicates weather conditions that are conducive to continued good progress, with some chances of precipitation.  About 13% of the spring wheat has emerged and looks to be in good condition so far.
On a national level, 60% of the U.S. crop has been planted, ahead of average.  Producers in South Dakota are nearly finished with just under 90% of their acres in the ground, followed by Minnesota at 71% and Montana at 63%.  About a fourth of the planted crop has emerged.
Durum producers have also made good progress planting this year’s crop.  The most recent USDA Crop Progress report indicates about 47% of the intended acreage has been planted, well ahead of only 10% last year and 24% on average.  The main durum producing area finally saw some beneficial precipitation in the last week or so.  About 10% has emerged.  In Montana 42% of the durum acres have been planted.
Wheat Planted by State 5/12/24  Last Week Last Year 5 yr. Avg
North Dakota HRS 49 32 17 34  
North Dakota Durum 47 21 10 24  
Minnesota HRS 71 51 22 41  
Montana HRS 63 52 48 56  
Montana Durum 42 28 32 35  
South Dakota HRS 88 79 76 73  
U.S. HRS 61 47 35 48  
May 12, 2024
Wheat Emerged by State 5/12/24  Last Week Last Year 5 yr. Avg
North Dakota HRS 13 5 1 8
North Dakota Durum 10 1 0 0
Minnesota HRS 40 18 2 17
Montana HRS 18 3 11 23
Montana Durum 25 1 3 n/a
South Dakota HRS 57 31 29 37
U.S. HRS 25 12 11 18
  May 12, 2024

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