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Weekly Wheat Update

Weekly Wheat Update

Every Tuesday during the growing season (generally April through September), the North Dakota Wheat Commission issues a weekly wheat report report to update buyers on growing conditions, yield potential, crop health, disease concerns, quality, etc.  The Commission utilizes the USDA NASS weekly crop progress reports and crop reports from producers, elevators, extension agents and agronomists to develop the report.

Weekly Wheat Update June 28, 2022

Now that planting is finally finished for producers, attention is now focused on crop development and monitoring for disease and pest issues.  The majority of the spring wheat – 97% or higher – has now emerged.  Crop development remains 2-3 weeks (or more) behind average.  About 8% of the U.S. spring wheat crop has headed out, well behind the average of 34%.  In South Dakota 45% has headed out, but the surrounding spring wheat states report only 1-3% of their crop as being headed out, significantly behind the average values of 20-45%, depending on state.
After seeing warmer than normal temperatures the previous week, temperatures in North Dakota this past week were near normal.  Rainfall varied across the state, ranging from nothing to almost two inches.  Some high winds and hail last week did cause some crop damage, although it was likely minimal for spring wheat.  Despite the late planting season, the majority of the spring wheat crop appears to be in good condition.  The most recent USDA crop progress report indicates that 69% of the North Dakota crop is in good to excellent condition, a significant improvement over last year’s value of only 25%.  Only one percent is rated as being in poor condition.
The majority of the North Dakota durum crop has emerged and about 2% has headed out, behind the average of 16%.  With the improved moisture situation compared to a year ago, crop condition ratings are quite high.  86% of the North Dakota durum crop is rated in good to excellent condition.  In Montana, the crop finally received some timely precipitation and 74% is rated in good condition. 
Wheat Headed by State     6/26/22    Last Week   Last Year   5 yr. Avg
ND Spring 3 0 39 29
ND Durum 2 0 17 16
MT Durum 5 0 n/a n/a
Minnesota 1 0 81 47
Montana 2 0 26 19
South Dakota 45 15 77 65
U.S. 8 0 45 34
As of June 26, 2022        
Condition VP P Fair Good Exc Condition
ND HRS 0 1 30 62 7 375
ND Durum      0 1 13 84 2 387
MT Durum 1 4 21 74 0 368
MN 0 1 35 58 6 369
MT 10 15 47 27 1 294
SD 1 9 22 63 5 362
US 3 5 33 53 6 354
US 2021 14 25 41 18 2 269
As of 6/26/2022  

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