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North Dakota farmers grow about 80 percent of the nation's nearly 100 million bushels of durum wheat. That 60-pound bushel makes enough about 42 pounds of pasta or roughly 210 servings of spaghetti.

Experiment with new pasta shapes by buying a different color or shape every time you shop. Shapes of similar sizes are interchangeable. A few examples are: Small shapes: orzo, small shells, acini de peppe, alphabets and stellini. Medium shapes: penne, rotini, wagon wheels, mafalda (mini lasagna), elbows, medium shells, mostaccioli, ziti and rigatoni.

Pasta is high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat. A half-cup serving of cooked pasta (without sauce) has just 99 calories and less than one-half gram of fat.


Artichoke-Olive Chicken Bake
Bacon-Ham Chowder
Beef Stroganoff
Beefy Spinach Lasagna
Beer Cheese Casserole
Bowties With Creamy Sausage & Tomatoes
Breakfast Couscous
Breakfast Lasagna
Breakfast Manicotti With Hollandaise Sauce
Broccoli Cheese Lasagna
Broccoli Shrimp Pasta
Brunch Casserole
Cajun Beef Pasta
California Salad
Campfire Beef & Pasta
Cheesy Chili Mac Soup
Cheesy Italian Casserole
Cheesy Noodle Doodles
Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry
Chicken And Ham Lasagna
Chicken Siesta Twist
Cinnamon & Apple Couscous
Couscous & Roasted Vegetable Salad
Couscous Vegetable Salad
Couscous With Chicken & Salsa
Couscous With Lentils
Creamy Beef Pasta Topping
Creamy Shell Soup
Dakota Chicken & Orzo
Dakota Salad
Deliciously Italian Rigatoni
Easy Sunrise Lasagna
Farmers Garden Lasagna
Fettuccine Alfredo
Fiesta Chicken Pasta Soup
Fiesta Fajita Twirls
Fiesta Pork With Noodles
Fresh Pasta
Fresh Ravioli
Fried Noodle & Ground Beef Casserole
Fruited Turkey Salad
Garden Couscous Pilaf
Garden Linguine
Harvest Thyme Rigatoni With Apples, Ham & Cheese
Hawaiian Pasta Salad
Hawaiian Seafood Fancies - Appetizer
Italian Beef Stir Fry
Italian Lasagna Rolls
Italian Pasta Main-Dish Soup
Italian Steak & Pasta
Italian Wedding Soup
Jumbo Shell Seafood Fancies - Appetizer
Kielbasa, Broccoli & Noodles
Lasagna Florentine
Lemony Bowties With Greek Meatballs
Linguine & Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche
Low-Fat Seafood Fettuccine
Macaroni-Lentil Confetti Salad
Manicotti Enchiladas
Mexican Quiche
Moroccan Beef & Couscous
New Orleans Jambalaya Pasta Sauce
New Orleans Steak & Cajun Pasta
Noodle Omelet
Noodle, Broccoli, Cheese Soup
North Dakota Chowder
Oriental Pasta Salad
Oriental Pasta Toss
Pasta & Vegetable Chowder
Pasta And Bacon Tortillas
Pasta Beef Rolls
Pasta Chicken Breast Salad
Pasta Chicken Stir-Fry
Pasta Egg Scramble
Pasta Hawaiian Stir Fry
Pasta Pizza Skillet
Pasta Quiche With Smoked Salmon
Pepper Steak Pasta Salad
Pesto Sauce
Polish Rueben Casserole
Poppy Seed Pork Alfredo
Pork And Pasta Meal In A Salad
Pork Confetti Pasta Salad
Pork Honolulu
Quick & Easy Lasagna
Quick Mexican Mac
Rigatoni Salad
Rio Grande Pasta Skillet
Salsa Lasagna
Santa Fe Couscous
Santa Fe Pasta
Sausage & Asparagus Pasta
Sausage Soup
Scampi Dijon With Garlic Tomato Pasta
Seafood Salad For A Crowd
Seaside Squash Spaghetti
Sesame Chicken Lasagna
Shaker Chicken And Noodle Soup
Shrimp Couscous Salad
Shrimp Pasta Caesar Salad
Shrimply Delicious Stir-Fry
Sicilian Chicken
South Of The Border Manicotti
South Of The Border Pasta Salad
Southwest Couscous
Southwest Lasagna
Southwest Pasta Salad
Southwestern Chicken & Bowtie Pasta
Soy Sauce Rotini
Spaghetti Omelette
Spaghetti Pancakes
Spaghetti Pizza
Spiced Beef With Layered Garden Pasta
Spicy Sicilian Pasta Sauce
Spicy Thai Shrimp Topping For Pasta
Springfield Style Pasta Topping
Springtime Pasta & Beef Combo
Stir Fry Curried Pasta
Stuffed Seafood Shells - Appetizer
Stuffed Shells Supreme
Summer Catch Stew
Summer Pasta Salad
Super-Simple Lasagna
Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Pasta
Taco Pasta Casserole
Teriyaki Beef Kabobs With Seasoned Orzo
Tortilla Soup With Pasta
Turkey Florentine Spaghetti Pie
Turkey, Chicken, Asparagus Lasagna
Tuscan Pasta Pie
Tuxedo Beef & Pasta Supreme
Tuxedo Chicken
Vegetable Pasta Sauce
Well-Dressed Pork
Western Beef & Pasta Salad
Wheat Berry Salad with Feta
Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken
Z Pasta Salad
Zippy Pork Bake
Zucchini-Tomato-Noodle Soup

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