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Dakota Gold Newsletter

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The Dakota Gold Newsletter is published four times a year by the North Dakota Wheat Commission. The current newsletter and previous issues are posted below for download in a PDF version.


Dakota Gold Newsletter Articles

U.S. Wheat Demand and COVID-19

The U.S. and most countries in the world are living through very challenging times with the continued spread of COVID-19.  In the short term these impacts have led to a surge in retail purchases ...

Survey Shows U.S. Durum and Spring Wheat Acres to Drop in 2020

U.S. hard red spring and durum wheat producers intend to plant fewer acres of each in the upcoming season, based on the results of an early March survey, released by USDA on March 31.  Producers ...

Southwest and North Central Commissioners Re-Elected

Jim Bahm and Philip Volk were re-elected to the ND Wheat Commission (NDWC) Board following county and district elections this winter.  Bahm, from New Salem, serves the southwest district of ...

Commission Approves 2020-21 Research Budget

The ND Wheat Commission’s research review meeting is one of the most important and intense meetings for board members.  The Commission reviews over 50 research proposals, which include goals ...

NDSU Weekly Webinars

The NDSU Extension Agribusiness group, Dr. Bryon Parman, Dr. David Ripplinger, Mr. Tim Petry, Mr. Ron Haugen and Dr. Frayne Olson are hosting a weekly webinar series to update farmers, agribusinesses ...

Wheat Commission Participates in Living Ag Events

Much of the general population has become far removed from agriculture.  It used to be that almost everyone either lived on a farm, or had close relatives that still had connections to agriculture.  ...


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