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Posted: Nov 03 2020

The accompanying tables display some of the key quality parameters of the 2020 U.S. hard red spring (HRS) wheat and northern durum wheat crops.  The data is based on the collection of nearly 800 samples of HRS from North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota and the Pacific Northwest region, and nearly 200 samples of durum from North Dakota and Montana.  Samples were collected directly from producers, as well as elevators spaced throughout harvest. Both the HRS and durum crops benefitted from good mid-season rains, relatively low disease pressures during the growing season, and a steady, rapid harvest under excellent weather conditions.   

The 2020 U.S. HRS crop is a high grading crop, 94% of the samples collected graded #1, with excellent test weights, little to no damaged kernels and very low levels of DON.  Average protein levels are high at 14.3%, but just slightly below 5-year averages, as the national yield was a record high. The crop is showing a notable improvement in kernel soundness compared to 2019, with an average falling number of 389 seconds.  Laboratory testing of the milled flour is revealing a crop with stronger dough properties compared to 5-year averages and very good bake qualities.  

The 2020 Northern U.S. durum crop is 30% larger in production, and boasts significant improvements in kernel qualities over 2019. Nearly 80% of the crop makes the #1 grade, with exceptional kernel size and weights, and low DON levels. Average vitreous kernels are 88%, well above last year and also 5-year averages. It is producing pasta with excellent color scores, although cooking qualities are a little lower than typical due to slightly lower crop protein levels. 

Customers worldwide will find great value in both crops, considering supply availabilities, low crop moisture levels, and the great kernel and end-use qualities they possess. Data generated from the Annual Harvest Survey will be used in domestic and international marketing efforts, all of which will be conducted under virtual platforms this year.
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