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Commission Approves 2022-23 Research Budget

Posted: Apr 08 2022

The NDWC held their annual research review meeting in March to review research proposals for the 2022-23 year and to hear updates from researchers on currently funded projects.  Research and customer service is the biggest single budget category for the Commission, usually accounting for about 40% of total budget expenditures.  

This year the Commission received 35 research requests and approved funding for wheat related research projects at $1.28 million.  The research budget is about $100,000 lower than last year.  Over the years, the Commission has increased the research budget as it remains one of the top priorities for producers.  While the research provides direct benefits for producers in the form of new varieties, disease and pest management tools, agronomic recommendations, and maintaining end-use quality, these research projects are an integral part of training the next generation of researchers, agronomists and other ag related professionals as graduate students are often assisting with many of the funded projects.  

Variety development and end use quality research makes up more than half of the budget.  Miscellaneous projects include agricultural economics studies, variety ID, equipment contingencies, new technologies contingency and NDWC’s portion of SBARE funded research.

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