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Commission Approves 2024-25 Research Funding

By: Erica Olson
Posted: Apr 17 2024

At its March research review meeting, the NDWC approved research requests in the amount of $1.24 million, up marginally from the previous year.  While the number of research requests and dollar amount continue to increase each year, Commission check-off revenue has remained stable, requiring board members to make strategic funding decisions that are most beneficial to producers.  Breeding and end-use quality related projects remain the two largest funded areas.  Producing quality germplasm with attractive agronomic characteristics is a key goal of this research arena.  Maintaining the finest quality traits for the classes of wheat grown in our state is key to maintaining market share and premium prices compared to other classes of wheat.  These two areas of research tend to be longer term projects.

In recent years, more regional projects aimed at specific production needs have increased and provide shorter-term results for producers. Some of these project areas include disease management, managing different soil types and conditions, DON analysis, and high input management.  Other funded research areas include disease and pest management, ag econ studies and soil science.  The NDWC also provides matching funds for wheat projects funded through State Board of Ag Research and Education (SBARE).

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