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ND Thresher is Newest Spring Wheat Release from NDSU

Posted: Mar 02 2023

A new spring wheat variety – ND Thresher – will officially be released in July of this year.  The line, formally experimental line NDHRS13-0273-0036 – was approved for release in January by the variety release committee. This committee is made up of representatives of producer groups, NDSU personnel, researchers, ND Crop Improvement and others. Dr. Andrew Green presented the agronomic and quality data for his line and pointed out highlights to the committee.

Some highlights of the variety include shorter plant height with good straw strength. While the variety matures a bit later, it has shown to dry down well and threshes easily.  In terms of disease resistance, it has good resistance to both Fusarium headlight and Bacterial Leaf Streak (BLS) and shows adequate to good resistance to most rust strains. The BLS resistance is extremely important as the disease has become a big issue in the spring wheat region and there is no effective means of control outside of varietal resistance. The BLS rating for ND Thresher is 4.33, in comparison, most other spring wheat varieties have a rating of 6-8.  The lower the rating, the more resistance.  Boost, an SDSU release, has a BLS rating of 3.99 and is the most resistant line currently available. The BLS resistance found in ND Thresher is a great step forward in the fight against BLS.  The variety also tends to be high yielding, especially in the eastern growing region.  In terms of quality, the variety has high protein and good milling and baking qualities. The variety shows higher farinograph absorption values compared to most tested varieties, averaging around 65% and good stability times and loaf volumes.

Choosing a name for newly released varieties can sometimes be a challenge. Dr. Green chose ND Thresher to celebrate the historical implement that signified the end of a successful growing season. “Threshing crews and the history of the North Dakota wheat crop go hand-in-hand, and this name was chosen to honor that heritage. The variety does dry down well and threshes cleanly, which we know is an important consideration for farmers looking to maximize efficiency during harvest,” said Dr. Green.

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