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Pellman, Kjelland Re-Elected to NDWC Board

Posted: Apr 08 2022

Pellman, Kjelland Re-Elected to NDWC Board

Jim Pellman, McClusky and Aaron Kjelland, Park River were re-elected to the North Dakota Wheat Commission board at their respective district elections in March and will officially begin their terms on July 1, 2022. The Commission consists of seven producer board members, six of whom are producer elected and one appointed by the Governor. Elections are held every four years within each of the six districts. The process starts at the county level where a producer is elected to the county representative position. Upon completion of the county elections, the county representatives from each district meet to elect their representative to the board. 

Jim Pellman was elected for a second, four-year term on the NDWC, representing wheat growers in the south-central portion of the state. He has served as the county representative for Sheridan County since 2014. Jim serves as the Commission’s Vice Chairman, and a representative to U.S. Wheat Associates, and to the ND Grain Growers Association. He and his wife, Candace, have two adult children and grow wheat, barley, canola, corn, and soybeans on their farm near McClusky. He has a degree in Ag Economics from NDSU. 

Aaron Kjelland was also elected to serve a second, four-year term on the NDWC, representing wheat growers in the northeastern portion of the state. He was elected as Walsh county’s representative in 2006. Kjelland serves as the Commission’s liaison to the Wheat Foods Council, ND Crop Improvement Association and the SBARE Wheat Granting Committee. He is a graduate of Concordia College with a degree in Political Science. He and his wife Rebecca have four children and produce wheat, canola, corn, pinto beans, and soybeans. 

The Commission board is responsible for setting the budget and developing policy and programs for market development, research, domestic promotion, and domestic and trade policy. The Board relies on county representative input when making budget and program decisions. County representatives elected in 2022 are below (incumbents are noted with an asterisk*).
Districts 3 & 6
Burleigh – Dean Goetz, Bismarck Cavalier – Griffin Zimmer, Langdon
Eddy – Brady Richter, New Rockford*
Emmons – Tom Bernhardt, Linton*
Foster – Lee S Greger, Carrington
Grand Forks – Brian Jodock, Northwood*
Kidder – Tim DeKrey, Steele*
Logan – Bill Becker, Wishek*
McIntosh– Ross Litsey, Ashley*
McLean – Brian Franzen, Underwood*
Nelson – John Steffan, Michigan*
Pembina – Kelly O’Toole, Crystal*
Sheridan – Jim Pellman, McClusky*
Stutsman – vacant
Walsh– Aaron Kjelland, Park River*
Wells – Jeff Kleinssaser, Chasely

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