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Top North Dakota Wheat Varieties in 2019

Posted: Sep 24 2019

SY Ingmar and Joppa remained the top hard red spring (HRS) and durum varieties, respectively, planted by North Dakota producers in 2019.  SY Ingmar held a nearly 21 percent share of the acres, similar to 2018. Joppa jumped to a 30 percent acreage share, up from 24 percent in 2018.  SY Ingmar is a 2014 release from Syngenta/AgriPro and Joppa is a 2013 release from North Dakota State University.
The top five hard red spring and durum varieties and their acreage shares are illustrated in the accompanying pie charts. The only shift from 2018 in top five HRS varieties was 

Elgin-ND replacing Barlow. Other top ten HRS varieties in 2019, include Faller, Barlow, Glenn, SY Rockford and WB 9479.  The top five durum varieties remained the same as 2018, with Mountrail, ND Riveland, ND Grano, Pierce and Tioga, rounding out the top ten.

The annual survey of wheat varieties planted is conducted by the North Dakota Field Office of the USDA’s National Agricultural Field Office.  It is jointly funded by the ND Wheat Commission, the ND Ag Experiment Station and the ND State Seed Department. In 2019, positive results were received from 2,220 producers. The ND Wheat Commission appreciates the high level of producer response to this survey, as it is valuable information for many segments of the industry including producers, wheat breeders, seed dealers, wheat researchers and customers. Copies of the survey and further details, including a more extensive listing of popular varieties, acreage shares by growing regions around the state, and the results for hard red winter can be found at

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