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WMR-Top U.S. Durum Export Markets

By: Jim Peterson
Posted: Jun 19 2023

Overall U.S. durum exports in the 2022 marketing year were up by more than 80% from 2021, propelled by higher production in the U.S., and shortfalls in Europe and North Africa.  Algeria overtook Italy as the top market, with more than 7 million bushels in purchases, the highest level in a number of years.  Their recent five-year average of U.S. purchases is closer to 4 million bushels.

Italy accounted for about one-third of overall demand from  the U.S., and sales were more than 30% higher than the previous year, but  were only about one-half of their five-year average of U.S. demand.  Canadian exporters were more aggressive in the fall and early winter of 2022, and dominated the increased import need within Italy last year due to domestic crop shortfalls in both production and quality. 

The balance of the top five markets Nigeria, Tunisia and Belgium.  In all three markets, zero sales were recorded in 2021, simply due to the extremely high prices in that marketing year.  Nigeria typically uses both durum and HRS for pasta products, but in this past marketing year, durum purchases were up from their typical five-year average.  Belgium is a transit point for other markets within Europe, and is usually a highly competitive export market for both Canada and the U.S. dependent on the local European crop.  Tunisia is primarily a price buyer, with import volumes dependent on their local production.  

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