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The Dakota Gold Newsletter is published four times a year by the North Dakota Wheat Commission. The current newsletter and previous issues are posted below for download in a PDF version.


Dakota Gold Newsletter Articles

Archive for Mar 2023

A farmer’s perspective on export market development


WMR-2023 Wheat Acreage Outlook

The results of the USDA planting intentions report will be released at the end of March, and it typically is a report that draws a lot of market focus, even though final plantings can deviate significantly ...

WMR-World Durum Stocks Remain Tight as Focus Shifts to 2023

Durum prices have retreated significantly from highs set in the fall of 2021 and early 2022, primarily due to rebounds in production in 2022 across the U.S. and Canada.  The market seems comfortable ...

WMR - World Wheat Prices Retreat on Russian Export Pace

Wheat prices have weakened as February transitions into March, in large part due to the aggressive export pace from Russia and Ukraine.  Shipments from the Black Sea region have been moving at larger ...

Market Development Funding Critical for Wheat Producers

The Farm Bill is vitally important to wheat producers, not just for the safety net and support it provides to help producers mitigate risk on weather, low prices and geopolitical events, but also for ...

ND Thresher is Newest Spring Wheat Release from NDSU

A new spring wheat variety – ND Thresher – will officially be released in July of this year.  The line, formally experimental line NDHRS13-0273-0036 – was approved for release in ...

Record Domestic Wheat Consumption in 2022-23

Domestic wheat consumption doesn’t offer capture headline news because it tends to increase only marginally from year to year with few major changes.  However, given that half (or sometimes) ...


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