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The Dakota Gold Newsletter is published four times a year by the North Dakota Wheat Commission. The current newsletter and previous issues are posted below for download in a PDF version.


Dakota Gold Newsletter Articles

Archive for Apr 2022

Pellman, Kjelland Re-Elected to NDWC Board

Jim Pellman, McClusky and Aaron Kjelland, Park River were re-elected to the North Dakota Wheat Commission board at their respective district elections in March and will officially begin their terms on ...

I Know Wheat....Right? - Scott Huso, District 6 Commissioner

I grew up working on the Huso farm south of Aneta. We raised several different crops, but I remember wheat. I planted it, I sprayed it, I swathed it, I combined it. I knew it. And after several years ...

Commission Approves 2022-23 Research Budget

The NDWC held their annual research review meeting in March to review research proposals for the 2022-23 year and to hear updates from researchers on currently funded projects.  Research and customer ...

Cecil Watson Remembered

Cecil Watson, former Commissioner for the North Dakota Wheat Commission, and officer of U.S. Wheat Associates, passed away on March 4, 2022 at the age of 90.  Watson, from Bathgate, is being remembered ...

WMR -The Great Unknown, with Great Potential

he world wheat export landscape changed dramatically in late February and early March, with the threat and eventual invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  World wheat markets responded dramatically initially, ...

WMR-Producers Intend to Plant Less Spring Wheat in 2022

U.S. spring wheat producers intend to plant less acres in the coming year, according to the early March survey.  Total spring wheat acres, which includes white spring wheat in the Pacific Northwest, ...

WMR-U.S. Durum Acres Expected to Rebound

USDA’s early March survey of producers indicates an increased interest in durum, with the sharpest increase coming in Montana.  Total U.S. durum plantings could reach 1.9 million acres, up ...

U.S. Wheat Associates Core Competency Training

NDWC board members and staff had the opportunity to take part in U.S. Wheat Associate’s Core Competency Training while the group was in Fargo for their portion of training at the Northern Crops ...


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