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Sample Collection Underway for Wheat Quality Reports

Posted: Aug 01 2019

The annual U.S. hard red spring and northern durum harvest quality survey will be active across the region in the next few weeks.  Approximately 1,000 samples are to be collected during the harvest and sent to North Dakota State University for a full performance analysis of milling, dough, baking and pasta qualities.  Samples are collected directly from producers off the combine and at bin sites, or from local elevators. 
The North Dakota Wheat Commission, along with wheat check-off organizations in surrounding states have conducted this annual crop quality survey for hard red spring wheat and durum for over 60 years.  The final report highlights the quality attributes of each year’s newly harvested crop and is used with domestic and overseas buyers to showcase our region’s quality.  This is our number one and longest standing marketing tool for promoting our region’s wheat crop and enables us to promote our quality advantages over our competitors.  The reports directly influence our customer’s purchasing decisions and are used in overseas visits with customers each fall.
To compile data for the report, the North Dakota Wheat Commission (along with wheat commissions from Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota) contracts with the North Dakota Agricultural Statistics Service (NDASS) for sample collection.  The sample collectors, called enumerators, are contracted employees through the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA).  Enumerators are trained to do various surveys around the state and are generally local to the area they are collecting in. Data from the individual samples collected is not released, nor is the specific location of sample collection.  The samples are compiled into regional composites and analyzed for numerous end-use parameters.  The type of quality information collected includes grading data, non grade data, milling quality and baking and pasta quality.  The full reports can be found here.
The North Dakota Wheat Commission wants producers and others in the agricultural industry to be informed about this long-standing, legitimate sample collection program, to prevent confusion with any other wheat surveys or sampling.  The enumerators collecting the crop quality samples can identify the project they are collecting for, have name badges, and carry business cards.  This project is fully funded by wheat producers and solely used for the benefit of producers.
For more information on the annual survey, and how samples are utilized, please contact the North Dakota Wheat Commission at 701-328-5111. 


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