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The North Dakota Wheat Commission is committed to investing in wheat research to supplement state and federal funds. In its 2016-17, the NDWC committed just over $1.4 million to research projects, primarily at North Dakota State University. Investment in research by the NDWC has increased in recent years to meet the commitment made to North Dakota wheat producers and the Legislative Assembly to use a great portion of the wheat check-off for wheat research. Research now accounts for over 30 percent of the total budget. Investment in wheat research not only brings significant direct benefits to producers, but valuable economic benefit to the state as well with a 3 to 1 return over producer cash receipts.

Wheat breeding and end-use quality assurance programs remain the mainstay of check-off investment in research. The NDWC has focused on increasing basic operation funds, providing funding for addition technicians, updating equipment, and enhancing the development and exploration of germplasm. This enables wheat breeders to more quickly develop and evaluate promising lines with unique disease and pest resistance which will enhance yields and quality and reduce production risk for producers. 

The NDWC has also invested heavily in the NDSU Greenhouse projects and funds projects related to marketing, transportation and unique projects related to quality.

2022-23 Funded Research

2021-22 Funded Research

2019-20 Funded Research Summary
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Highlights the research projects that the North Dakota Wheat Commission funded in 2019-20.

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