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Production Information

North Dakota leads the nation in the production of hard red spring wheat and durum, and generally ranks second in all wheat production after Kansas. Producers also grow hard red winter and hard white wheat. 

Using the links at left, you'll find information about hard red spring, durum, hard red winter and hard white wheat varieties in terms of what North Dakota farmers are planting and how these varieties compare on the basis of agronomics, yield and end-use quality.

Growers will also find portals to tools from North Dakota State University to assist them in improving the efficiency and value of their products by providing answers to new and existing challenges.

Disease & Pest Management

Farmers face a number of agronomic risks from weather to insects and disease. North Dakota State University and Extension provide a variety of resources to aid farmers in managing those risks. Below are a number of tools available to farmers.

US Drought Monitor Map
Resource for monitoring drought areas across the United States.

Small Grain Disease Forecasting
Provides resource for forecasting of potential diseases that affect crops throughout the growing season.

North Dakota Weed Control Guide
Provides information on available herbicides and what weeds they can be used on in small grains production.

North Dakota Fungicide Guide
Provides extensive information on fungicides available for North Dakota crops.

NDSU Weekly Crop & Pest Report
Weekly report during the growing season that updates producers on current disease and pest issues.

Insect Management
Provides information about damaging wheat insects, including management guide.


Production Tools

Planning for each coming crop season takes time and budgeting. Farmers look at available crop options, input costs, agronomic risks and the potential for profit. The following tools help build an estimate of potential revenues and costs for a crop year.

Wheat Nitrogen Calculator
North Dakota spring wheat and durum nitrogen calculator.

Crop Compare Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet that compares costs of other crops against a base crop for specific planting regions in North Dakota, estimating returns after variable costs.

Crop Budgets
Guide to aiding farmers in setting up the coming years crop budgets. Avaiable for each of the different state planting regions. 

Variety Information

Wheat quality begins with the varieties planted. Making variety choices is an effort every farmer makes each planting season. The resources below offer some tools useful to farmers in the selection process.

North Dakota grows the majority of the hard red spring wheat and durum produced in the United States, some hard red winter wheat and hard white wheat.

Hard red spring wheat variety development takes place at experiment stations at North Dakota State University, Fargo, at land grant universities in Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana and by private companies.

Durum is used in making the world's best pasta. The durum breeding program at North Dakota State University, Fargo, is the largest public breeding program in the U.S.

Hard red winter wheat isn't traditionally planted in North Dakota but has seen some increase in recent years. Winter wheat also has the potential for higher yields, however the possibility for winter kill makes it a more uncertain crop.

Hard white wheat is planted on a very small acreage base in the state. North Dakota State University in Fargo and private companies are focusing on developing disease and sprout tolerant, high-yielding hard white spring wheat varieties with good milling and baking characteristics suitable to North Dakota's growing climate.

N.D. HRS Variety Selection Guide 
Provides information about hard red spring wheat varieties available, their agronomic traits, disease resistance and quality characteristics.

N.D. Durum Wheat Variety Selection Guide 
Provides information on available durum varieties, their agronomic traits, disease resistance and quality characteristics.

ND Hard Red Winter Variety Selection Guide
Provides information about hard red winter wheat varieties available, their agronomic traits, disease resistance and quality characteristics.

NDSU Hard White Wheat Information
Provides information on current hard white wheat varieties, quality information and market potential.


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